Material Handling Gantry Crane


All Franklin fabricating systems are available with optional CNC gantry loading (or unloading) and support software with smart pickup capabilities and servo controlled positioning. Models with length capacities of 20, 40, and 60 foot lengths are available. The magnet lift system with variable power control is compatible with light and heavy steel. A pneumatic suction type lifting system is available for non-magnetic materials such as copper or aluminum.

The gantry software recognizes the bin location of various cross sections stored in the material storage area. Material sizes are stored in the Section Table of the FMI Fabricator Program. The heavy duty bridge gantry is supported by crane type end trucks. The heat-treated wheels are mounted on 4-bolt flange bearings. The Gantry Runaway System is available with overhead support rails or floor mounted rails for side loading of raw stock into the bin locations. The gantry rails are available in infinite lengths. The lift beam assembly is raised and lowered by a high torque rack and pinion lift drive. Stack heights and material detection is provided by photo cell units mounted full length of the lift beam.

CNC gantry systems is an optional feature on all systems. Proven by application, the gantry will increase line production by 40% to 50% compared to manual loading.

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